Keeping Children safe

Call 1 1 6

A Helpline Service

We provide a Platform for children (and all other persons) to report child abuse through Voice & SMS to 116, Chat: www.childlinekenya.co.ke , Email: 116@childlinekenya.co.ke, Social Media, Facebook. What the Helpline offers:

  • Counselling
  • Rescue and placement into a safe environment
  • Follow up and provision of interim care
  • Seek justice (punishment for the perpetrator) – what for the family and victim?


State of the Kenyan Child as Reported by Childline Kenya

January 12 2017

View our data on the state of Kenyan Child

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Challenges faced by Childline Kenya in 2016 while providing services to children

Feb 2 2017

A very high demand for the helpline service versus a low capacity of the helpline call centre to respond. In 2016, a total of 938,909 attempts were made to reach the helpline but only 43% of these were responded to.

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The Child Helpline Turns 10 years!

Feb 27 2017

In November 2006, the Helpline received its first call. 10 years later, the Childline Kenya staff commemorated this anniversary with a festival dubbed “Tumekuwa - Tamasha la Utamaduni, Michezo na Ulinzi Kwa Watoto”.

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Shine A Light Campaign

March 15 2017

For the past 10 years, Childline Kenya has been providing access to rescue, counseling, safe shelter, medical care, legal support and reintegration to children in need. Through the helpline 116, we provide a service aimed at providing a voice for the Kenyan Child.

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