Keeping Children safe

Meet the "Unknown” Children of Kenya

A concerned neighbor would only hear a child crying in pain almost on a daily basis. The neighbor did not know what exactly was happening to the child but suspected something was not right.

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Child Neglect

The case of Sam* was reported to the helpline by a Good Samaritan.  The child was living with four of his elder siblings who were adults after the death of their parents.  He was HIV positive.

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Sexual Abuse

A three-year-old girl, Ruth, was defiled by a man who was out on a revenge mission against the girl’s mother. She had been left in the house alone while the mother went to entertain herself in a local bar.

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Child Labour

"Hiyo ni 116? Nataka kuripoti kesi” (Is that the child helpline 116 service? I would like to report a case). The caller, a concerned neighbor, went ahead to report of an eight year old girl called Terry* who had been employed as a house help.

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Emotional Abuse

Sandra, a 10-year-old girl lives with her uncle and his wife. Sandra is always beaten and shouted at. She is called names like Satan (shetani), and told she is a thief like her father, and is also denied food at times. 

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Physical Abuse

A case involving 7-year-old *Jessica was reported to the helpline by a concerned neighbour. Jessica lived with her mother and stepfather and had a younger sister who was 3 years old.

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Female Genital Mutilation

Jennifer called to report that her parents wanted her to undergo female Genital Mutilation during the school holiday. Jennifer was thirteen years old and in standard six.

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